Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Squishy: Marshal's fill

Yesterday was Naughty-or-Nice day in European copies of the game. Isabelle was at the town plaza handing out stockings. 

Not everyone...

There is also a face cutout board set up for the occasion. If I either connected with someone or used Photoshop then it would be complete.

Here is the stocking. You can also remake it to be light blue.

Today in town I got my newest villager. Mira the bunny.

I don't think I added enough patterns to my orchard because her house landed in it. Ugh

Marshal wanted a piece of me today.

He just wanted me to catch him a warf roach. I declined

Phineas brought me a new badge. These initiatives are really helping my progress.

Speaking of initiatives one of them was to catch some sea creatures so I did some diving. I almost misted a balloon shadow for a sea creature.

I donated my catches to the museum and called it a day. Thanks for reading and happy (late) Naughty-or-Nice day.

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