Thursday, 22 December 2016

Beth: Blizzard in Acorn

 Yesterday was the Winter Solstice in game. I played pretty early, but it was still weird to have complete darkness!

 Isabelle gave me a blue glow wand for the celebration.

 I stopped off at the cut-out, which made me feel pretty lonely :P

 Chai invited me to visit her house, and I said yes! I didn't buy anything of hers, but I got very overexcited about finding a stone wall in her dresser.

 In the campground, I purchased another of Harvey's balls.

 Back in town, I noticed a new house plot. Shari isn't my favourite villager, but I'm happy I can replace her with Amiibo now!

 I finally completed my fossil collection yesterday. I thought I had more than one left to collect, so it was a nice surprise.

Today, I headed right into a snow blizzard! This has to be one of my favourite types of weather in ACNL!

 Sally pinged me to move. I do like her (and the squirrels in general), but her house is in a pretty inconvenient I let her go.

 While wandering, Julian told me how grateful he is for the Keep Acorn Beautiful ordinance. So am I, Julian. I wouldn't want to water all of those flowers! :P

 The campsite looks especially festive in a blizzard.

I found what I thought was the last piece of my Santa costume in Able's, but then I couldn't find my my hat. Fingers crossed it'll turn up in the next few days.

 Before ending for the day, I set up donations for the outdoor chair. It's not the green one I was thinking of, but I'm happy to keep it for now at least.

Thanks for reading! I'll be back on Christmas Day with a special Toy Day post :)

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