Saturday, 31 December 2016

Beth: New Year's Eve

I visited Forest the other day and spoke to Big Top - who told me a very important life lesson :P

 After receiving the My Melody chair, I went to see if it could be customised. Unfortunately, no such luck!

 At least 3 of my villagers have asked me if they can call me cupcake since my last post! I don't mind, so now most of Acorn is in on the act.

 Even though I couldn't customise the My Melody chair, I still put it in my house! I'll have to move it if I want to play my DS/Wii U, but oh well.

 I was in the coffee shop last night at around 9:30 when I ran into Phyllis. I thought this was her shift?

 I've been trying to make a Snowmam still, but I can only seem to get perfect snowboys :P

 Last night, Jeff let me visit Forest to see Paolo's RV. Thanks Jeff!

 I ordered a few things from her RV, like the bath set, duckboards and towels. I'm planning on having a bathroom in my house, so these should fit in just fine!

 I was made to understand there would be grilled cheese sandwiches here?

 My bathroom furniture arrived this morning, so it's now all in my upstairs room.

 I got a surprise badge this morning. Also, what's that coming out of my ass?
 I headed to the plaza to see Isabelle, and got my tweeter from her!

 My villagers seemed very excited this morning for the New Year festivities. 

I exchanged some bamboo for the sheepishness joke - which means I only have about 4 left!

This evening, I got my happy new year's hat. I'll be back on Tuesday after I've celebrated the new year!

Thanks for reading and have a safe and exciting celebration tonight. Don't drink too much and don't text and drive!

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