Monday, 2 January 2017

Squishy: New Years chaos

Due to the holidays I can't remember what photos were taken what day.
Since Bunnie moved out I finally got to add the path again, this time it won't be destroyed!

Flurry wanted some fruit. I had Marshal's mango from the other day so I gave it to her.

I'm sooo sorry Flurry!
There was a notice about the end of the year. Its weird how it flew by so fast.

At one point the best selling item was ore and I got the ore rock that same day

Throughout the last few days I have been building snowmen (and an accidental snowboy).


 I don't regret giving Flurry the greeting at all.

I started the sand garden as a PWP and eventually paid it off.

Perfect peaches were best selling at another point so I invited -Santa- Jeff over to sell.

On New Years Eve they had a countdown set up. Redd was also selling some New Years hats. Isabelle was in a cute little suit.

I really like the green hat!

 If you talk to the villagers half an hour before the New Year while wearing your hat, the villagers will put their hats on.

I noticed that Beth's town Acorn was open. Since we share the same time zone I decided to come over and countdown with her. After all she did make my 2016 awesome!

After a few minutes Jeff came over dressed in the same tux as Isabelle. Who wears it better?

We all wore the same hat. It looked kind of cool.

Then 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Well at least for Beth and I.

Jeff told me that perfect oranges were being sold in his town for extra so I went back into 2016 to sell them.

When speaking to my villagers Flurry told me to take a break. Nintendo couldn't have picked worse timing.

Jeremiah fell in a pitfall and looked like he was trying to jump in the river.

Nooooo! Don't jump!

2017 was the year of the rooster so I got a little model.

I finally got a new camper at the campground. Franklin the turkey.

He considered writing a cookbook.

I kind of want to see what the cover would look like.

I got home and looked at the rooster model. It looks so adorable.

I paid off both my house and my PWP.

Uhhh Loid? What are you looking at?

Its nice to see all the stores back to normal again.

I finally got my first igloo tonight.

Inside contained Eunice. I did not invite her into Cosmic.

Happy New Year everyone. I am so thankful for all my friends and to everyone who reads the blog. Thank you Beth for also joining me throughout 2016. It was fun!

Also I started doing song covers on my Youtube channel. Feel free to give me some song requests. You can find it here! Thank you and I hope 2017 is a great year for you all.

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