Monday, 29 May 2017

Squishy: Backwards-marine

While making my rounds around town I discovered a new house plot in town. It was in a good spot and belonged to Filbert. Perfect!

Flo also noticed Filbert's house and mocked him about moving in Spring. You don't even know him and your already judging? Rude.

Chrissy was in the campsite. I don't mind her but I wouldn't invite her into town.

Camofrog requested that I build a wind turbine!

So I did just that!

I also felt like making another Steven Universe design to celebrate the special airing later tonight. This time I did Aquamarine's dress... except I accidently made it backwards. Oops!

That's better! Now if only I had the other parts of her outfit.

Here is the QR code if you want to dress like her.

It feels good to finally be getting rid of more Christmas jumpers

Thank you for reading and have a good week (and if your watching the special, enjoy and no spoilers please).

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