Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Squishy's thoughts on Magikarp Jump!

I never thought that I would play a game about the weakest Pokémon in the series. Well it does exist and here are my thoughts

Magikarp Jump is a game where you raise Magikarp to be the best jumpers in the land. The story is meh. But I suppose it is about a fictional fish. Also, fish puns!

The music and art style go really well together. It all looks and sounds so cute yet it also gets you pumped up to be the best trainer around.

One dark thing about the game is that your Magikarp can disappear through certain events. In other words, it sugar-coats them dying. I like how discreet they make it but its also easy to understand, and kind of funny.


Overall, I enjoyed Magikarp Jump and I'm not done with it yet. I'll probably stop when I either get all 6 badges or get too frustrated to continue. I hope everyone enjoyed reading and have a good day!

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