Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Beth: Butterflies For Dinner

Hi guys! I've managed to play both Breath of the Wild and New Leaf today, but we're going to be talking about my New Leaf adventures!

Bunnie must have only wanted a light dinner, because she wanted a butterfly! It's a bit late for dinner...but time does fly :P

Sheldon was missing hanging out with egg, and me. Maybe I'll cook him dinner so we can all hang out.

I went to the museum to have the few fossils I found examined, and while I was there I updated my dream town. It might be a little rainy in your dreams, but oh well :P In a way, I think my forest-like town suits the rain!

I also popped into the Happy Home Showcase, where I had a few people to catch up with!

I must have not checked this for a while, because I found Amy in the top corner! Hi Amy :)

I went to the cafe, and Julian told me he liked Brewster's coffee so much, he cried a the taste. That was enough to make me sit down for a cup :P

I chose Blue Mountain beans, but Brewster got mad at me when I tried to let it cool. Apparently, neither me or Julian are refined!

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon with another post.

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