Saturday, 27 May 2017

Squishy: K.K Crossing Singing Folk

Yesterday was Pietro's first day out of town and he left an empty house.

One villager gone means another in Main Street. This time its Wolf Link back from the Twilight

I decided that now is the best time to get rid of my Earthbound area so I started by getting rid of the trees.

Then I deleted my Jeff character to quickly get rid of all the patterns. So long old friend...

In Rosie, ReTail put her trash bin up for sale. I knew this would become a chain reaction if I bought it (which I did).

I decided to get rid of the face cutout sturdee that's in the (once was) Earthbound area since I never used it. I'm leaving the Stonehedge though since that costs a lot.

Then I switched to Joy so that I could add the paths down. Lovely!

When I played tonight Daisy wanted something to replace her classic sofa.

I tried giving her the trash bin from yesterday but its too small for her.

Iggly was also cleaning and wanted me to deliver something to Daisy.

At least I'm not the only one leaving their spring cleaning to the last minute!

I guess Iggly didn't clean well enough...

She wanted me to guess what it was. Its always clothes, well almost always.

Iggly was fishing in a tight spot, acting like a bush.

I went to go shopping but I forgot that the Nookling store closes so late. Uhhh

One thing that shocked me is that Able Sisters was also closed. I thought that they stayed open until 10pm!

Since it was Saturday I decided to go watch K.K. Bunnie was there! If only you didn't move onto my path, you would still be in Cosmic right now.

Chops was also there in the other side of the room.

I wouldn't say the same thing for you!

While requesting a song I accidently spelt it wrong. However he finally played the city theme that I mentioned back in August

I checked to see if I could get him to do it again so that I could get it on video. Luckily he did and you can find it here

Speaking of singing and Animal Crossing, I did an English cover of Kapp'n's song in celebration of summer approaching. You can also find it on my Youtube channel. Thank you everyone for reading and watching!

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