Thursday, 11 May 2017

Beth: ACNL: Missing Bunnie's Birthday

Life has been a little quiet in Acorn, but I still have a few stories for you guys.

The other night, I saw Tangy in the campsite. I wanted to try and get her in Acorn, but unfortunately I forgot later in the day!

 Jeff came over for a quick visit, and decided to trap Bunnie :P What did she ever do to you? ;)

Today, Chai told me we should be dressed up :P At least I'm trying...I'm wearing a skirt, right?

I managed to talk to some villagers I missed when I played last time - including Bunnie! Some were mad at me, some missed me :P

I saw Katrina in the plaza, but unfortunately I just missed out. Again.

While wandering around town, I considered changing this area of town. I'd like more yellow flowers up here for summer!

I checked the notice board, and found out that I missed Bunnie's birthday. Oops!

I walked up to the campsite once again, and I found something I didn't want to see. A frog :P

Bunnie pinged me, and told me she wants to bloom, for dinner. She also asked to move out, and I refused.

Thanks for reading!

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