Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Squishy: Happy Birthday Cosmic!

Yesterday was Cosmic's first birthday! (Sniff) They grow up so fast...

Isaballe showed up at my house to take me to the town tree. Rosie, Jeremiah and a random Nookling were also there.

He looks like Tom Nook in this photo because of the timing of the photo :D

I told me villagers to keep voting for me. I glad it doesn't work that way.



Lets help Cosmic grow even stronger together, here on this blog!

Isabelle gave me a sapling clock. I sat it here just to take a photo then realised that it would look better in my back room.

Its like just yesterday this tree was a butt...

Today I got a new badge! I'm hitting all the milestones this week.

I said goodbye to Pietro. It was nice having you in town but I need to see a new not so scary face.

Flo and Portia made a bet that Portia couldn't master snowboarding. In spring?

She just wanted to play hide and ski seek. What does snowboarding have to do with hide and seek? Anyway Daisy and Flurry joined in.

Everyone was behind a tree of some sort and I got a random shirt for my troubles.

Thank you to everyone for watching my town grow and I hope you all stick around for many more years to come (Maybe even when the Switch version comes out).

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