Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Squishy: Storage Sorted!

Yesterday while walking around town I noticed a small gap in between the two cliff that looked like my character could walk on. That would be a cool feature!

Yesterday Pietro was asking me about my birthday wish.

I think its going well. I have some awesome friends and I enjoy my hobbies.

Since there wasn't much going on today I decided to finish off organising my storage. Here is where I put everything;

Secret Storage
Spade - Anything clothing related
Heart - Anything plant, flower and fruit related (except perfect oranges)
Club - Furniture, Wallpaper and Flooring
Diamond - Other random stuff

Wardrobe Space
Slot A - Tools in page one. The rest is extra space for turnips and items for ReTail
Slot B - Gems (start in page 6 and work their way back) and spare storage
Slot C - Perfect oranges (start on page 6 and work their way back) and spare storage

Hopefully this doesn't get too disorganised quickly. Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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