Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Beth: Breath of the Wild #6

Warning: My BOTW posts may include spoilers. I will warn readers again for big spoilers that are part of the main story, but proceed with caution!

Hi gamers! I wasn't planning on another BOTW post so soon, but I spent a lot of time playing over the weekend and I defeated the Divine Beast Vah Medoh! Honestly, if you don't want spoilers for this Beast, I would ignore this post.

Up in Rito Village, I was directed towards the Flight Range. I thought I might get lost on the way, but there was a helpful dot on my map :P

When I got there, I was asked to prove my worth. I had to shoot 5 arrows at 5 targets while using updraft.

Once I completed the task, my new bird friend gave me 20 bomb arrows and agreed to fly me up to the Beast.

I hopped on his back, and he flew above the Beast.

My task was to shoot four cannons on the four corners of the beast. While being shot at by those guardian type lasers :P

Once I shot them all with bomb arrows, the weird red force-field disappeared from around the Beast, and I glided down.

There, I reached a travel gate. This time, I had a different voice guiding me through - and it was a guys.

I made my way to the back (or front, I can't remember!) to the map terminal. You can tilt this Beast as you can tilt the water Beasts trunk, and it is a big part of finding the terminals!

It took a while (and a lot of figuring out), but I eventually managed to find all of the terminals on my own. That means no guides or Googling!

I then used a helpful fan to glide onto the top of the Beast, where I activated the control terminal.

Here, I hit a snag. As with the water Beast, I had to fight a boss. I kind of knew I would have to, but I just headed in anyway.

Well, it turns out I didn't have enough arrows or food to beat this one - I started eating in to my rushroom stack, and that lot is meant to earn me a diamond!

So I used the travel feature to leave the battle and head to all the villages I knew. In Hateno, I added another heart and another bit to my stamina wheel.

I bought out all of the general stores and stands I could think of, including arrows and food. I then ended at Kakariko Village, where I cooked up some food to increase my attack and defense.

Armed with a lot of food and over 130 bomb arrows (yes, really), I headed back to battle.

This time, I managed to defeat the Beast easily with a few dodges and around 20 bomb arrows. They may have cost me a bomb, but I don't know where I would be without them :P

I received another heart from completing the task, and I earned control of the Beast.

Revali, the Rito Champion, greeted me and thanked me for my help. He told me Zelda has been waiting me for a long time! Would that be about 100 years, perhaps? :P

He also told me he would help me in the fight with Calamity Ganon, and I soon had another laser pointing at the castle.

I also earned Revali's Grace, which should help me on my journey!

Back at Rito Village, I climbed to the top point of the rock to see the Beast in action. Before I reached the top, I found a Korok Seed!

I then headed back to speak to the Elder in Rito Village, who congratulated me on defeating the Beast. This completed the quest!

He also offered me the contents of the chest next to him, which turned out to be a Great Eagle Bow.

Thanks for reading! I'll be back on Thursday with an NL post.

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