Sunday, 21 May 2017

Beth: Beatufiul Bugs

Hi guys, and welcome back to the stories of Acorn!

Today, Bunnie asked to come over to my house, for dinner. I said yes, but I didn't promise to cook her anything :P

Even when we were inside, she kept asking for dinner! She also asked me to take her to another room (twice) when she hadn't even crossed onto the carpet?

Julian asked to move out, but I refused. He's one of my favourite villagers in Acorn at the moment.

I talked to everyone I bumped into, which happened to include Chevre. She asked me to catch her a spider, and I did try :P Unfortunately, I couldn't find one.

I came across a time capsule, which turned out to be Rudy's. Inside the time capsule, Rudy found a letter and a lively knit shirt. She then rewarded me with....a lively knit shirt, seemingly without realising it's the same thing she just received.

I checked the notice board, only to realise I've missed all of the winter fishing tourneys. Oops.

I re-coloured one of my Halloween dresses to a summery theme once again! You can find a similar version (the colours may not be exactly the same) on Jeff's QR code page.

I had a bit of money from selling fossils and other random items, and with it I managed to pay off my home loan!

I headed straight to Tom Nook and asked him to expand my back room. I'll be able to fit more bookshelves in there then ;)

Thanks for reading! I'll see you Tuesday.

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