Thursday, 25 May 2017

Beth: Back in Arrested!

Hi gamers! This time we're back in Arrested and changing up my look for summer.

The other day, I came across a very exciting day in Arrested! It's been a year since Jeff and I came up with the idea for our Arrested Development themed down, and now we're back on Tumblr with updates on our adventures.

Jeff also visited my first town of Acorn.

 While he was over, I grabbed a famous mushroom so I could grow as tall as the trees :P

We also grabbed coffee and drank it outside The Roost. As I haven't been playing NL as much recently, I hadn't actually played with Jeff for a while. It was nice to play together again!

Today, Rudy asked me to come over to his house. I thought he meant at the time, so I was about to say yes when he started suggesting times. I knew I'd forget, so I backed out.

Bunnie asked me to deliver a package to Sheldon, which had this spade shirt inside.

I spotted a new house plot - and it turned out to be Rodeo! I'm pretty sure he will be from Forest, Jeff's town.

Before ending my game for the night, I changed into my summer dress and got a new haircut! It's been really hot here today (in real life), so it's inspired me to change my outfit in NL.

Thanks for reading!

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