Monday, 22 May 2017

Squishy: Doesn't like sweets?

Last Saturday was the Fishing Tourney which I didn't enter.

Gracie Grace started selling card furniture. I like it but I don't have nearly enough money to buy some.

After months of giving up on getting Peach's parasol I randly bought a fortune cookie and got one. Just in time for summer!

Soooooo pretty!

This evening in town I saw the results for the Fishing Tourney. So the runner ups eat fish and the winner... is a fish? Did Camofrog just hand himself in?

Jeremiah was telling me how Flurry doesn't like sweet things. She more or less named after a milkshake!

Camofrog said that it would be more interesting if I invited people over.

Cosmic (the town not the blog) turns a year old tomorrow so I might do something special to celebrate.

I saw a wedding cake at Gracie's and I really wanted it so I spent the rest of the evening making quick money to buy it.

While collecting fruit I saw a sleepy and angry Gulliver

No your in the Underwhere
He started describing an island with weird heads. It must be Easter Island!

The funny part is that one of the options was Yoshi's Island

Rosie tried giving me the nickname "Sugar S". The thought was sweet but it was kind of weird.

I decided to go with Swishy. I don't know why, it just looked cool in my head.

 So I bought the cake and ended my session. I might do something to celebrate Cosmic's birthday. I'll keep you updated. Thank you for reading!

Also I will be posting every Saturday and Beth will be on Sundays so we will no longer be alternating.

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