Thursday, 18 May 2017

Beth: Breath of the Wild #7

Warning: My BOTW posts may include spoilers. I will warn readers again for big spoilers that are part of the main story, but proceed with caution!

I spent a few days deliberating whether to travel to the desert or volcano Divine Beast. Yesterday, I finally decided on the volcano Divine Beast - Vah Rudania! If you want to avoid spoilers for this beast, I would skip this post.

I started by going to the head of Goron City. He told me where I needed to go to complete the next part of the task.

On the way to the beast, I had to rescue a Goron who helped me on my way!

The head of Goron City gave me a fireproof elixir as a thank you.

While I was in Goron City, I recalled another memory.

I then headed back up the volcano to beat this thing!

On my way, I encountered a lot of these evil floating things. I had a Goron with me to help attack the Divine Beast as we found canons on our way, but it was also hard to keep dodging and destroying these!

I finally found my way up to the Beast, and started my own journey to beat it.

Once inside, it's pitch black. You actually have to travel through a few rooms to find the map terminal, but it's not too hard!

I activated the map, and found out about this Beast's special feature. You can rotate this one 90 degrees.

A few parts of the Divine Beast then opened, to allow light inside!

The first terminal involved shooting a light through a keyhole with the nearby blue flame. I then had to block the flames behind with a magnesis block, rotate the Beast to create a gap and finally get to the terminal!

The second terminal meant shooting a fire arrow (or a normal arrow might do, in this heat), to break the wood across these doors. The terminal is pretty easy to get to from there!

The third terminal meant rotating the Beast while in the main room and gliding to the terminal at just the right moment.

The last terminal was a little tricky - as it also involved timing things just right. I climbed to the top of the Beast after rotating it, and then jumped on top while rotating it back.

I then unleashed Fireblight Ganon! Maybe I'm getting better at this, but I actually found this one quite easy. I had enough arrows to shoot fire arrows a number of times, followed by a few hits. I only had to eat a few spicy peppers and without a shield, I think I did okay!

I received another heart container, which brings me up to 9.

After taking over this Divine Beast, we now have another laser pointing at the castle! One to go!

I also received Daruk's Protection. When you're holding this protective shield, no attacks can hurt you!

Thanks for reading. I'll be back soon with more stories from New Leaf.

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