Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Beth: Meeting Amy!

 The other day, I saw that I'd missed Francine's birthday. I'm a hopeless mayor, sometimes :P

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I finally met Mayor Amy over the weekend! She's been an Animal Crossing friend of mine for about a year now but we didn't get to meet in real life until Sunday. As she doesn't have good internet, we never get to play with each other online! But finally being together in real life meant we could play on local connection.

 We headed to the campsite to dance around the fire!

 I also showed her my house, and we hung out watching TV for a while. Unfortunately we couldn't hang out much before we had to leave in real life, but it was nice for her to see my town!

 Today, I looked at the little presents Amy got for me! Thank you so much Amyyy :D

 Aren't shopping carts in abundance at stores, anyway? :P

 I headed up to the HHA, and Callum gave me a balloon!

 Teddy visited me in the campsite, but I wasn't worried about inviting him to live in Acorn.

 I dug up a time capsule - which was Shari's. I opened it, as she's moved out of town.

I must have not talked to Chevre for a week or two, and she got the reason why right ;)

Thanks for reading! I'll be back on Thursday!

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