Monday, 16 January 2017

Squishy: Not even trying!

On Thursday Camofrog was convinced that he was an adult. He acts more like a tadpole to me.

Yesterday the weather forecast said that there would be snow but ponds won't freeze. At least Jeremiah and Camofrog can still swim.

 Pietro wanted me to deliver something to Flurry so I did. I wish I could wrap that well.

Today Avery asked me if I think about the public safety in Cosmic. Dude I'm the MAYOR. Of course I do!

He just wanted to play hide and seek along with -Gracie,- Marshal and Jeremiah.

I found Gracie right away. She wasn't even trying.

 Avery wasn't trying either.

 I think you need to find something with more edge next time.

There was a notice about the fishing tourney this Saturday.

My campsite had Marcel the dog. I wanted to invite him but my town is full.

I got some positive feedback on my last design so I made Lapis Lazuli's dress from Steven Universe.

And also Toriel's dress from Undertale.

Thank you everyone for reading ad have a good week.

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