Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Beth: Lucky Island Escape

 The other day, the notice board reminded me I need to start attempting to make snowmen again :P

 In the campsite, I bought another food item from Harvey. Unfortunately, it can't be customised. 

 I donated another painting to Blathers - meaning my museum is very slowly filling up!

 Quick note: being on moving trains in real life means you randomly blow bubbles :P It was slightly annoying, but I did manage to get a few nice pictures from my train journey to the city on Sunday.

Yesterday, I noticed the trees have changed colour! I was definitely ready for it - although I do think it's strange for them to be so suddenly green when it's still snowy for another month or so.

 A balloon suggested a new public works project for Acorn - but I'm such a bad mayor that I can't remember what it was!

I came across Renee in Acorn's campsite. I wouldn't mind having her in town, but she didn't seem to want to move in. Then again, maybe I have 10 villagers. I didn't bother to check :P

 I visited Bunnie and saw some new furniture (from me) in her house. It still looks very mismatched though, and I'm wondering if I actually made it worse?

 Again, I've been playing Desert Island Escape over the past few days. I've since struggled through another level, although I think that's mostly from luck!

Thanks for reading - see you Thursday!

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