Sunday, 8 January 2017

Beth: First Shift

Hi crossers! It's been a couple of days and I honestly haven't had the chance to play much. Long journeys have been the main time for me to play as I've been visiting relatives for the weekend, but I'll hopefully be playing more this week!

 I worked my first shift at The Roost the other day. One of my first customers was Bunnie!

 Kicks was my special customer for the day. I love his character and sometimes with they added skunks, foxes and owls as normal villagers.

 I used a guide on to get all of the orders right, so Brewster gave me superb coffee beans as my reward. I don't mind using guides for the game and don't really see it as cheating, so I also use Jeff's art and hair guides! 

 Last night, Francine asked me if I believe she's been spreading rumors about me. I said no, and she commented on how nice it was of me to say that.

 I had a room built on the back of my house, which I've designed as a reading/zen room.

 Today, I bought a barrel planter from Harvey.

 Julian also gave me some sweet dialogue today, which I don't recall ever seeing before. I love how the dialogue can still surprise you after playing almost daily for years!

 Bunnie invited me to her house. As it was immediate, I said yes!

 I actually find her house very mismatched/messy, so I bought the thing that seemed most out of place. I'd love to try and send her furniture to force her to redesign, though.

Gaston turned up in the campsite today. Wait a minute, bat-stauche. Weren't you here the other day?

 I got my penultimate joke from Shrunk today - happiness. Although I didn't laugh, this one did make me smile :P

I found a glove in the north of town, and the first person I spoke to actually said it was theirs! Thank you for saving me for going around everyone, Julian.

Thanks for reading!

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