Thursday, 12 January 2017

Beth: Winter Treats

 I've been playing a bit of Desert Island Escape the past few days, which I've been finding fun but a little hard.

 I'm up to about level 5 now, which seems so low...but I'm finding it hard to even hit 30k points of the recommended 37!

 Yesterday, I had a little snowstorm in Acorn! I haven't had snow for a while, so it was nice to have at least a little bit.

I had another rare winter feature yesterday - the igloo! Inside, I found Rod. One mouse in Acorn is enough thank you, Rod.
 Sheldon decided to give me a new nickname, but I decided against it after a quick google :P It's either a piece of metal or wood on a boat (I don't think that would be a compliment?)...or something else. Which I won't be repeating.

So I joined in with the rest of my villagers and made him call me cupcake instead.

 Today, I haven't played until this evening. The winter feature of the day was the Northern Lights!

 While wandering, Shari asked to move out. I quickly agreed - I'm not bothered about her much.

I walked away and bumped back into Shari, who was by this time singing. She must be very happy to be leaving town :P

 I carried on walking and took some photos of the Aurora around town.

 I love how the bubbles look in the Aurora - they're kind of the same colour as the Northern Lights.

 In The Roost, I made perfect coffee for all of my visitors. When Julian told me how much he liked it, Brewster even asked shocked at how good I am :P

 Strangely, all of my customers asked me for no milk! Are we suddenly a vegan village?

 Brewster gave me an old coffee machine for my work today. I'll definitely keep the item he gives me.

Thanks for reading!

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