Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Beth: Yet Another Badge!

 Yesterday, I visited Jodie in real life and in Crossing!

 I gave her a spare Celeste bow so we matched. We both had pink hair too! Aren't we cute?

 I spoke to Chelsea in Crossing (Jodie got her from one of my Amiibo cards), while Chow got a little too close :P

 I received a lucky cat from a villager the other day, so I put it in my back room.

 Today, Rizzo fell in a hole as soon as I came out of my house.

 And then of course, got mad at me. I didn't plant it, Rizzo!

While walking around and cleaning town, I ran (literally) into Phineas. Again, I was surprised...I don't really work towards the badges much.

 Phineas told me I've been a good gardener! I guess it is one of the things I do most in the game, haha. I do have a bit of a green thumb :P

 My badges are slowly going up, with the gardening one being my first gold! It's very slow progress, but at least I'm getting somewhere.

 I headed up to the campsite at around 5pm, where Harvey was having a very early night.

Back in town, I bumped into Francine. I know I don't talk to my villagers enough, but I didn't know it was quite this bad!

 I had Blathers check my most recent fossils and donated the calm painting I bought the other day to the museum.

 I drank a take-away coffee that I got at crossing yesterday and never got around to drinking it. It must have been cold, or maybe keeping it in my pockets kept it warm :P

 Um, get your beak out of my face?

I bought a minimalist dresser at Retail and replaced my Hello Kitty table with it. 4 block tables always look a little messy to me :P

 One of my objectives asked me to have a hair cut, so I used Jeff's hair guide (his site is so useful!) to change my hairstyle.

I headed to Nook's and saw an unusual site. I didn't think this was a pet shop?

Thanks for reading! I'll be back on Thursday with more tales from Acorn.

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