Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Beth: Finishing the Joke Book

 Not much has been going on in Acorn recently, although I did have a meteor shower last night. Not that I actually played while it was on :P

 The other day, Kayla dropped some presents off for me to thank me for letting her order from my Amibo campers! That included these bow and boots - thanks Kayla!

 Yesterday, I visited Shrunk for the last time. He taught me the joke that completed my joke book - the Shrunk Funk Shuffle! 

 Along with this achievement, he also gave me one of his old (ugly) suits :P

 Up in the HHA, Callum gave me a bubble wand! I remember having one of these in my old town and loved it...but I think I gave it away or something. Either way, I'm happy to have one back again!

 Yesterday, I also planted some perfect apples that Kayla had given me. This will hopefully form a nice natural path when they grow!

Unfortunately, today's premium items happened to be perfect apples, which I'd just finished planting the night before. I sold the 18 I had in town, but other than that it's a shame Reese & Cyrus didn't wait for my trees to grow :P

Thanks for reading! Hopefully the next couple of days will be more eventful than the past few.

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