Thursday, 5 January 2017

Beth: StreetPass Galore!

 Late last night I came across a house plot. All I remember about Jay is he's...a jay :P 

 I grabbed a coffee and headed off to explore town. While wandering, I came across one of my earliest igloos of the season! I haven't had many at all this year yet, so I was happy to see one.

 But inside wasn't so great. Gaston the rabbit isn't exactly one of the most...attractive rabbits.

 I was playing at around 11:30pm last night when Chai asked me to make a delivery to Bunnie. She did tell me I could deliver it the next morning because of the time, but I stopped at Bunnie's house and she was still awake! 

I gave Bunnie her package, and it turned out to be clothes (that by the way, looks adorable on her). But she wasn't the only one up so late....Rizzo was also hanging out in her house. What were they doing there alone so late? And...didn't Bunnie just get changed in front of him?

 When I left Bunnie's house, I immediately bumped into Phineas! It's been a while since I've seen him - and I certainly got a surprise! I'm pretty sure the StreetPass badges are some of the hardest to achieve, so I'm happy with that.
The badge reminded me to go up to the HHA, where I bumped into someone I know from college! He gave me a bunny balloon - my second StreetPass gift so far.

Today, I met Jay for the first time. I'm not too keen on him, but I did realise he's from Callum's town (i.e. The guy I StreetPassed in the picture above).
Before ending for the day, I stopped by Club LOL to collect my third to last ability.

Thanks for reading! I'll see you at the weekend with my next entry.

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