Monday, 23 January 2017

Squishy: One for the price of two!

Today I planned to move Rosie in but Isabelle told me that Marshal was packed up in boxes ready to leave, without warning! I'l miss you little guy.

On the bright side this made it an even better reason to move Rosie. But for some reason the game still made me sacrifice a villager.

The first person that I wanted out was Mira but I decided to remove Wolf Link. I rather only have one amiibo villager at a time.

I asked on Twitter and Discord if someone wanted Marshal but no one replied. Wolf Link can be summoned at any time so if anyone wants him feel free to tell me.

The results for the Fishing Tourney are up. Of course a cat wins an event about fishing.

I forgot to check on Wolf Link so I said my last goodbyes. He wasn't a villager that I paid much attention but he was there anyway.

Go Link! You are the chosen one!

Thank you for reading and have a good week!

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