Thursday, 19 January 2017

Beth: Diet Town

 I paid off another home loan in Arrested today. I've also been putting paths down and keeping it nice and tidy :P

 In Acorn, it was snowing! I love the snow, especially with the white theme around my house.

 I fell into a pitfall as soon as I walked out of my house, though.

 I visited Shari for the last time before she leaves Acorn.

 Outside Retail, Bunnie asked me for a new catchphrase. I'm glad to be asked to think of a catchphrase and not a greeting!

 I unfortunately missed Rizzo's birthday, even though I had a wrapped present ready for him :P

 I worked at the Roost and made it up to Rizzo with a good coffee. Interestingly, all of my customers asked for no milk or sugar today! What is happening to this town?

 Brewster gave me an espresso machine for my hard work.

 In Retail, Julian asked me if he should buy the robo sofa. I said yes, even though I maybe should have got him to buy something I was selling instead :P

 The other side of Retail than Bunnie, Filbert asked me for a catchphrase too! I'm hoping this will make for some interesting dialogue, on my head.

I finally got round to making a snowmam, and I ACTUALLY SUCCESSFULLY MADE A SNOWMAM, GUYS!

It's not perfect, but that's because the head and body are clearly out of proportion :P I accidentally pushed the head on before I was meant to.

Thanks for reading!

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