Friday, 12 August 2016

Beth: Angry Animals

The other night, I headed to Jeff's town to help him choose a spot for his newest public works project. He wanted me to test out spots while he sat on the bench, but soon realised I was too short to see from there.

My first thought was to eat a famous mushroom and grow as tall as the geyser! Jeff thought I was trying to be helpful, but in reality I was just hungry :P

 Yesterday, I found a new villager in Acorn! Chevre must have come through StreetPass from my brother. My brother hated her (as she moved on to a path in Taured), but I love her already.

 I found something else in town, a gem rock. I think this is my first in Acorn!

 Emotions were running high in Acorn, and Chevre and Bubbles were obviously happy to meet.

I found a present for Jeff, perfect for his frog room.

I attended the ceremony for my own PWP, the suspension bridge near my house.

 And then started the next one, a lighthouse. I didn't think too hard about the spot, so I hope it'll be okay in the future.

 Last night, I headed over to Forest to see the new addition

Today, I found out Nookling Junction is finally expanding!

 Redd was in town, and I of course used Jeff's art guide to find the real painting for my museum :)

I've spent most of my playing time today donating things to the museum, especially August bugs.

Chevre asked me for a new greeting, and Tammy asked me for a new catchphrase...STEVE HOLT! \o/

 Chevre seems to be having an interesting effect on the other animals in town.

 I quickly visited my brothers town of Taured today.

 Sheldon requested a blue bench. I probably won't install it, but it's nice to have the option.

 I made my first visit to the island to catch bugs and make some money to pay off some of the lighthouse.

Apologies for the surprisingly super long post (I got used to posting every day, there!), and congrats if you got all the way down here!

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