Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Beth: Fireworks and Dancing!

Hi everyone! Sorry I couldn't post the other day, I unfortunately had a very busy and stressful day (including travelling).

 The other day, I found a four leaf clover! This wouldn't be a usual big thing, but I'm hoping to use them for landscaping, so I'll be keeping every single one.

 On Sunday, I attended the third fireworks show of the month. Isabelle gave me a bulb bopper for attending. This might be my favourite bopper, actually!

I bought around 5 fortune cookies...but all were dud prizes.

 I took a few more photos around Acorn.

 A little later, my brother Matt came over on local connection to join me.

 We did some glitching after watching the fireworks.

After he left, I met Phineas while wandering. He gave me a badge for playing a lot!

Yesterday, Tex gave me a new nickname.

 I found a new house plot, belonging to Chow. He must have moved here from Matt's town!

 I saw the sign for the opening of Club LOL!

 I saw Saharah...who seemed very interested in the cliff. Maybe she's trying to find new wallpaper designs?

 In the evening, I saw Club LOL for the first time.

 I waited until Jeff could join me, and we headed in. I made sure to talk to Shrunk before we started dancing! He gave me some good advice for a club :P

 Jeff and I stayed for a while and danced. It was nice, as I've been with bad internet for the past week and it's been a while since we played together!

 I then headed over to Forest to sell some perfect apples...and ended up getting my hair cut!

Thanks for having me, Jeff. And thanks for reading, guys!

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