Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Beth: Fireworks With Friends

 On Sunday, T&T Mart opened! I'm very happy to finally have a better selection of items to buy.

Later that night (1am my time), I headed over to Jeff's town for Sunday Night Fireworks.

 While Squishy wandered around stealing oranges, Jeff and I stood to watch the fireworks for a while :)

 We then all did some glitching, which looks cool with boppers! Aurora seemed...curious :P

A little later, I wandered around talking to the animals! Hamlet seemed excited to see the fireworks, and I don't blame him.

 I bought a coffee, which I gave to Jeff. He later shared some with me, but he only left a tiny bit!

 We ended up hanging around Forest's newest PWP, the geyser. I (kind of) helped Jeff pick out the spot and I like it!

Afterwards, we headed to the plaza for boppers and fortune cookies.

 Each of us glitched onto the stand

 After about 2:30am, we headed back down to the geyser and did some more glitching.

 Before going, Jeff tried to knock me into holes due to the lag. I fell in completely once and nearly a couple more times!

When we said goodnight, both Squishy and I thanked Jeff for having us. When Squishy spoke however, I saw a glitchy line through the text.

 Yesterday, Shrunk came to find me! I was wondering when Club LOL was going to come along.

 I saw a notice for this months bug off. I hope I actually manage to join in this time!

 Benjamin decided he's had enough of Acorn! I'm not bothered about keeping him, so if anyone would like him feel free to drop a comment or tweet me.

Thanks for reading, sorry I couldn't post on Sunday!

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  1. Squishy was actually smuggling oranges in, not out. (She was selling them, not taking them). :P