Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Squishy: Growing Up

Yesterday in Cosmic my police station was done.

I held the ceremony for it. Yay!

Since I have the police station I no longer have to constantly remind myself to check the beach. Speaking of the beach Copper told me that Gulliver was on it. Thanks Copper.

Gulliver mentioned Hollywood and that's when I knew it was America.

"Every time on the beach, I see you, I save you"


Shampoodle has opened up in town.

I missed my ponytail so I got that done today.

Since my path was now free from villagers' houses, I went to build the Reset centre near the path. Sadly another villager beat me to it.

There are so many other places in town. Seriously? 
Blaire mentioned someone called Blossom. She must have came through the dream suite.

Today I met the second path destroyer. Bunnie.

Its a shame that she wasn't an ugly villager. I like Bunnie.

I was heading to the town hall to do some mayoral duties when Flurry was just there, creeping.

I wanted to demolish my yellow bench and replace it with a wooden one. Here is my town map.

Jeremiah pinged me and asked a question that really got me thinking. It was a slider so I put it around the late teens mark.

He then turned a normal topic into a weird one. At least mow I feel better about growing up.

Just a quick note. I will be opening my gate on Sunday 21st August for fireworks at 8pm UK time. I will be accepting friend codes until Sunday morning and I will be unadding everyone so that others can join me next time.

Thank you for reading and to anyone in the UK who are getting results tomorrow. Good Luck!


  1. Hello Squishy, my ACNL character is Mayor Blossom from JamDown and I did visit your dream town. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I look forward to the fireworks.

    1. Thank you for visiting Cosmic through and hope to see you in the real Cosmic on Sunday. :)