Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Squishy: First Tarantula!

In Able Sisters I found Makar's Mask (a character from the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker). I thought that it was called a Leaf Mask or something.

While chopping down trees I found some ice cream. Yummy!

I hit a tree with my axe and a beehive fell down. I tried running to the Police station but I didn't make it.

Iggly was being a bit mean when he saw me though.

While walking I heard a creepy noise. I saw a Tarantula and caught it. YESSS!

Its my first one in Animal Crossing history and I had my net out before I noticed. I'm lucky I didn't get stung.

I went to visit it. Ewww hairy little creature.

While I was at the Museum Blaire was asking about my bee sting. Funny how she mentions natural while im surrounded by bugs.

Today in town I think I found the gem rock without even trying.

2 minutes after doing my shopping I see this notice.

It was 6:50 when I took that photo.

I was doing the money rock and forgot to move the roses. Nooooo.

I went to Shrunk to get an emotion. I wanted to see what would happen if I gave him a basket of fruit.

I wasn't expecting him to take them. RIP 5 perfect oranges. You will be missed.

Jeremiah requested a new PWP. A hammock.

I built it and paid it of right away.

I found a Froggy chair in the lost and found so of course I hopped to the idea of taking it.

Blaire complained that their were no events coming up, even though we had three fireworks displays, a Bug Off and another firework display this Sunday.

I had the same problem with Jeremiah. My animals are so ungrateful.

He then told me that Avery might be moving.

I don't mind Avery. If he mentions moving I'll stop him otherwise he can go.

I ended today's session by watching a balloon present float by.

Thank you for reading and good luck to anyone in the UK getting GCSE results on Thursday.

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