Friday, 26 August 2016

Beth: Meteor Shower

 The other day, I noticed a meteor shower would be in Acorn that night.

 I headed to pay off the lighthouse with the money I earned in Forest.

 In the evening, Jeff came over to watch the meteor shower with me.

 Chow joined us down on the beach, and I met him for the first time.

 Yesterday, I had a cute bunny in the campsite. Unfortunately though, I'm full because of a certain ugly panda.

 Along with the lighthouse note, Squishy left a note when she came over to collect signatures.

 I attended the ceremony for the lighthouse.

 Filbert had a good plan. I wish I could be doing this today.

 Over in Jeff's town last night, I found a dead quince bonsai. I thought that a quince was a type of apple, but maybe I'm wrong?

Thanks for reading!

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