Sunday, 21 August 2016

Squishy: Fireworks at Cosmic

Yesterday was the Bug Off which I completely forgot about. I did go to the award ceremony though.

I went to get a song from K.K. but before I did that I deliberately got the title wrong to listen to a hidden easter egg I found. If you get the title of the song wrong he will sometimes play the City theme from Lets Go To The City (or City Folk in America).

"By Patrick Star" wouldn't fit.

I admitted defeat and just let him play K.K. Mambo.

Tonight at about 8:20pm (sorry I was late by the way) I opened my gate for some fireworks. Blossom came over for real this time.

She brought me some thank you gifts; A Tingle hood, A silver Slingshot and some Perfect pears. Thank you Blossom.

While she looked around my town I dug up some stuff.

We talked about my villagers and what I think of each one. I'm talking about Jeremiah in this picture.

After a while we disconnected twice so I invited her back in.

She wanted me to teach her how to glitch. Its a bit difficult to teach someone anything when your limited to only a few characters at a time. She ended up going to grab a Tweeter,

While she was at the lockers we disconnected again, at that point I just called it a night. Thank you Blossom for coming over and sorry for being late. I might open again sometime in September for my birthday or something, We will see closer to the time.

Thanks for reading and have a good week.

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