Thursday, 18 August 2016

Beth: First rainbow!

 The other day when I updated my dream town, I saw Timber from Xing has visited Acorn! Thanks, Xing. You're my first dream visitor!

 Yesterday, I saw my first rainbow in Acorn. I love how it looks with the pink roses! I'll probably cover both sides of my river with those, if Jeff will keep letting me steal them from him!

 I met Katrina for the first time and had my fortune told. She told me I have good fortune among friendship! She's right, because I have the most amazing friends :)

While wandering, Chevre joined me to look at the rainbow for a while.

 I headed off to do some glitching and get some photos of town from above.

 Tammy asked me to deliver a shirt to Tex as an apology for an argument they had.

Luckily, Tex asked for my opinion about the shirt and ended up changing back!

I did some reorganising in my house now I have an upstairs.

 I collected all of the signatures for Club LOL, so hopefully that will be built soon.

I like how my Arrested Development catchphrases/greetings are working out :P

 I added some flowers to the front of the houses of villagers who will be staying for a while.

Today marked Benjamin's last day in Acorn.

I found a lost item on the lower bridge, which turned out to belong to Lily.

Thanks for reading! I'll be back in a couple of days.

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