Sunday, 7 August 2016

Beth: First Fireworks!

 Last night, I headed over to Jeff's town for a bit. While he was talking to Julian, I started hitting him with the toy hammer left on his plaza :P In the end, I let Jeff have a go. But the lag meant the 'hitting' animation wouldn't appear until I was running away!

 After selling some perfect apples in Forest, I managed to pay off my suspension bridge!

 Today, I saw the bridge for the first time! It's exactly how I wanted it.

 I unfortunately couldn't attend the ceremony, as today is an event day! I haven't seen the fireworks in 2 years, so I was genuinely excited for tonight.

 When the fireworks started, I was stood by the campsite. I didn't look up immediately, but I could see the light of the fireworks!

I headed to Crazy Redd for a fortune cookie, with Lily queuing behind me.

I got a dud prize, but at least it's a sparkler!

Weirdly, after the sparkler, my face stayed incredibly happy :P Not that I'm complaining!

 Lily and Elvis were hanging around the event plaza clapping at the fireworks. I couldn't join in (as I don't have emotions yet), but I could stand with them!

 Lily told me how much she was enjoying the fireworks! I have to agree with her.

I then took a few photos wandering around town, watching the colour reflecting on the grass.

On another note, I mentioned I was working on a big project last week. As it happens, this project was a drawing! I decided a couple of weeks ago to draw Jeff's villagers...and this is how it turned out.

Thanks for reading, I hope you had a good fireworks night!

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