Friday, 5 August 2016

Beth: ACHDD: Monthly Challenge & Sheldon

 Yesterday, I went on Happy Home Designer for the first time this month. This was mainly to complete the monthly challenge, which I'd remembered after Jeff posted about it.

 I went for a campsite area inside and a sweets theme outside.

I decide to make good use of the ceiling accessories/furniture and covered the ceiling to look like a forest canopy.

 I used my favourite wallpaper and some of the loveliest furniture items in the game (in my opinion). The camping set is just so adorable!

 Outside, I got a little lost. Apart from the candy houses and the main house, you can't do a lot in the way of sweets furniture outside.

 Which reminds me! Shoutout to my friend Amy (Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) who swapped these around and did the sweets inside and the campsite outside! Also, she's really lovely and awesome :)

 I decided to carry on with the game and found Sheldon outside! I not only have him in my New Leaf town, but I also liked his theme...

 ....sounds perfect.

 I dispersed Nintendo and general gaming furniture throughout his house.

And of course, that all-important flat screen TV!

Outside, I left it simple with a modern looking log cabin.

If you'd like to visit Sheldon's gaming escape, simply scan this QR code!

Thanks for reading. I'll be back tomorrow while Squishy is away until Wednesday!

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