Monday, 8 August 2016

Beth: Visitors in Acorn

Last night, I said my goodbye's to Olivia. I have to say, I'm going to miss her.

Later on, Jeff came to visit before I headed off to sleep. It was getting late, and the fireworks looked nice against the night sky.

Down on the beach, I found Bubbles. She had some very fitting advice for me!

 Today, I've found a lost item. If I'm honest, they kind of annoy me. Usually, it takes ages to find the right villager...but today, I was in luck! The first one I spoke to, Filbert, told me the book was his.

 I saw my friend Jodie in real life today, so she headed over to my town for her first long visit! She's come over briefly before, but this was the first time she could properly explore Acorn.

In my house, Jodie noticed something interesting. If you stand next to the Manneken Pis, it looks like you're spurting water out of your mouth!

 I paid off a home loan with the money I received from selling perfect apples in Jeff's town the other night.

Later, I time travelled back to last night so Jodie & I could see the fireworks together!

We also discovered that if you have a lot of lights in your house, it kind of looks cool to make it look like a house party from the outside :D

Before I go, here's some more versions of my dress! Jodie fancied it in pink, and I've now changed mine to green. If you'd like the blue version, it's now on Jeff's QR code page.

Thanks for stopping by!

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