Monday, 15 August 2016

Squishy: Jeff and the bean stall

Yesterday was the ugly gummy bear's last day in town. So as Mayor I 'politely' said goodbye.

The picnic blanket was finished today but I couldn't have the ceremony because of the fireworks.

Where I'm sitting doesn't look very comfy.

 I was lucky enough to get a gem rock today.

While walking through Main Street I noticed that the hairdressers was being built. I'm unlocking so much at once.

Later that night was Friday... I mean Sunday night Fireworks at Jeff's place. Beth was also there.

We did the stump glitch and it looks so colourful!

 Beth tried to light us on fire. Luckily she missed.

Every now and then I would smuggle a pocket full of perfect oranges to see if anyone noticed. They didn't until I told them.

We went to Jeff's pad and every time he sat down he farted. He was wondering why we weren't farting as well. I had a good reason. :P

We watched fireworks for a while then Jeff yelled in my ear.

RIP ear. 2016-2016 

We stood by Jeff's new geyser to get a nice photo. It took a while but I got some nice ones.


We did some shopping at T and T Emporium (spelt that right first try). Beth and I decided to confuse Jeff with our UK differences.

We were talking about the amiibo support coming this fall and I was wondering. If the Mii and Villager amiibos can be used what type of villager would they make? Give your thoughts in the comments if you have any ideas.

 At the event plaza I wanted a hot dog so I attempted to light Isabelle on fire. I missed.

We did the conga to Redd's stall. I even got Isabelle to join in.

I glitched onto the stall. I'm usually awful at glitching but tonight I was lucky.

After I went back on solid ground Jeff was in the stall selling beans.

Then Beth went in the stall. Where she was standing made it look like either Redd was wearing a dress or Beth was wearing a fox helmet.

For a while we glitched onto the geyser.

But when Beth got off the geyser she was floating.

I spoke to Hamlet and it looked like he wasn't fond of Jeff. Rude!

The moon almost got blown up by a firework.

Beth continued to float. Maybe the balloon is the cause.

We wrapped up the night by having a shovel war.

Thanks for the fun night Jeff and Beth.

After a good night's sleep I had the ceremony for the picnic blanket (and not an ugly villager in sight)

After that I decided to build the Modern police station. Since Onett has a police station I put it in my Earthbound area and paid it off right away.

Blaire wanted to give me the nickname 'hun'. I didn't like it so I chose Squish.

I got a second gem rock in a row.

I running out of room so if anyone needs any gems for anything (except gold ingots) feel free to ask me anytime.

Iggly invited me over to his place. looks like Jeremiah and Blaire wanted to join us.

He told me to clean his house if it was too messy. What a bad host!

I left after that.

Thank you guys so much for reading and have a good week.


  1. I sell squishy beans at fair prices! They're good for your heart!

    1. You must have ate a lot last night because "the more you eat the more you fart" haha