Thursday, 11 August 2016

Squishy: PWPs Galore!

Its been a while since I posted so here goes.

So Last week the bushes around my house have fully grown and are in bloom. They look really nice.

I was playing really late so that I could try to catch some Tarantulas and Scorpions. Sadly the three that I found all fell in the river.

While hunting I saw Katna's tent but it was closed.

Chops said that he wanted to become roomates. No thanks!

Katrina wasn't the only one with a tent in town. Flurry the hamster was also there. I love Flurry to pieces so I invited her to Cosmic.

O'Hare wrote a poem about a water bottle? You weird little rabbit.

A few days later Blaire wanted an apple so I grabbed one and got a phone box in return. Thanks...

They started selling firework related things for the Foreworks Festivals.

I paid off my Museum second floor so that will be ready the next day.

My pockets were full so I dropped some things on my bridge and accidently placed a fountain fiework. Noooo!

I gave Iggly the catchphrase 'Noot Noot'.

I saw Blaire sleeping on a stump. Cute!

Later that day when I spoke to Blaire again she just wanted tacos.

Shrunk reacted when I gave hima perfect orange. I didn't know that would happen.

 In ReTail O'Hare found a missing piece of his soul in his hat.

The next day I woke up really early so I just stared at the morning mist.

I also did some glitches... and got a bit stuck.

Luckily I was saved by the 6am reset and made it to the opening ceremony of the museum second floor.

And no one else showed up...
I added a basement to my house.

When walking around Chops said that he needed his beauty sleep.

He needs to sleep for a long time then.

I started making a path for my Earthbound area (while rocking a Luigi hat).

I invited Avery to my house. He took an interest to my tootoid.

You mean my dirty mind? :P

Avery bought another illegal painting. Not again!

Luckily this one was real. Third time lucky.

Iggly requested a Stone Tablet. I might build one someday.

On the way to the Island Kapp'n started singing about frogs.

What is with everyone and frogs?
I opened my gate for a while and Chris from Legacy came over for the first time.

Its his first time playing New Leaf and he only started recently so bought some stuff.

We just sat on the bench and talked about Animal Crossing.

I also showed him my house.

Truffles was in boxes ready to leave.

And Flurry was in boxes ready to move in on the same day.

My basement was finished so I added some wallpaper.

At T and T Mart Tommy told me that they were remodelling. Yay!

I requested a random song with K.K.

Avery requested a Zen Garden. I love that PWP.

On Sunday T and T Mart was being upgraded.

I added some bushes around my Earthbound area.

I gave Blaire the greeting 'What up ya nut'

Charlise requested a Picnic Blanket. I are getting really lucky with these PWPs.

Later that day was the first set of Fireworks this year.

 I tried to light Isabelle's tail on fire.

Super T and T was built the next day. Now I can buy wall décor. Yes Yes.

I got a badge for catching bugs.

O'Hare went to Super T and T to fill a void in his life. He must have a lot of space for furniture.

Cgarlise said the best few ever!!!

Yes Yes YESSS!!!
I was happy with Super T and T until I saw the working hours.

Charilse requested a Wood bench even though she is leaving in under a week.

 And today (finally) Flurry wanted a Peach so I gave her a Perfect one fresh from Forest.

However the gift she gave me didn't seem fair.

I talked to Saharah after she did my house. She mentioned King Nook. Did she predict Happy Home Designer? It would make sense since she does wallpaper and carpets for a living.

Not a very good living, but still a living.

Blathers requested the Café. Yay!

I'm waiting for Chops to move out so that I can put the café where he lives.

Since Truffles left I used the extra space to build a fountain in front of the town hall.

A few things before I go. Firstly thank you to Beth who took over the blog while I couldn't post for the last week. Secondly I will be opening my gate on Sunday 21st August for the Fireworks Festival. I will give you guys a time at least a few days in advance. Lastly thank you guys for reading this long entry and I will be posting again on Saturday.

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