Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Squishy: Don't do Paintings!

Yesterday while walking around town I found a new house plot (in the worst possible spot.

I could have managed if it was elsewhere,

There was a notice about one of many fireworks festivals. Maybe i'll open my gate for one.

Jeremiah had a 'creative' way to keep warm. Whatever floats your boat froggy.

There was a camper in the campsite.

I only talk to them if they look cool

Truffles said that she was leaving on the 6th. She asked to leave last month but I accidently told her to stay so its nice to get the option again.

In Able Sisters I saw a Frog hood and couldn't resist.

 I went to the Island to check the shop when I saw some bushes. I have some good places for some bushes so I played some tours.

I chopped downa tree on the Island and got a special stump. I didn't know that they showed up on the Island.

I planted a few bushes around my house.

Luckily today they all survived.

I wonser which one is real/ (sarcasm)
I met the ugly gummy bear herself. Charlise.

Jeremiah was fishing for his own kind (sort of)

Avery was selling me his illegal painting, so I gave in.

On the way to check the painting I noticed that Kicks was finally being built. Yay!

Sadly the painting was fake. this is the second time in a row.

Don't do illegal paintings kids!

I tried making a simple path for my beach.

I never go on the beaches that often but I was lucky to find Gulliver.

My most relatable quote.

 Gulliver started talking about ninjas so I guessed Japan and I was correct.

Thank Fire Emblem Fates for that.

Thank you for reading and ill see you all again on Thursday.

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