Thursday, 4 August 2016

Beth: Dream suite & a tangerine

 The other day, I received my first HHA reward!

I put the shirt next to my Wii Balance Board and lovely statue. Thanks, Jeff ;)

Wandering around town, Sheldon said something extremely relatable.

I attended the ceremony for the dream suite!

I think Filbert likes it around here :)

I may have forgotten to visit Benjamin, but have a shoutout instead, puppy.

 Lucy suggested a public works project - the drinking fountain. I'm not sure if I'll include it in Acorn, but it's nice to have the option!

I visited Forest last night for a while, and bought myself a treat! 

I just don't understand this dialogue. Surely no one has ever woken up and thought 'I'd love to look like a tangerine today'?
 Today, I caught Benjamin telling Elvis about his life goals.

 I visited the dream suite and set up a dream code for Acorn! Feel free to use it :)

 Back in town, I noticed my first 'natural path' is finally coming through!

 This evening, I saw a pretty sunset. With the pink roses, the sky looked really nice.

Thanks for reading!

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