Saturday, 20 August 2016

Beth: Bug Off

 I started up the game yesterday to find yet another rainbow! I took a couple more photos around town.

 Benjamin asked me to catch him a crawfish, but of course I had to catch a frog first.

 I headed down to the beach in the evening to see if there was any bugs, and found a seagull! It's not what I was planning to catch, but oh well.

 While I was there, I did manage to catch an ocean sunfish.

Today, my pagoda came from Gulliver. I might actually keep it for a while.

 When I went up to donate some stuff to the museum (and check fossils), Blathers asked about the museum expansion. I was wondering when this would happen!

 Early this afternoon, I gave Nat a few bugs, and got in the lead of the bug off.

 I donated some other bugs to the museum.

 I restarted the game at around 7pm to attend the ceremony, and found I had actually lost. Chrissy just beat me!

Thanks for reading, see you on Monday with some more firework photos :)

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