Thursday, 25 August 2016

Squishy: Signatures in Acorn

Yesterday Avery pinged me about moving. It looks like he mentioned it just in time for me to stop him.

We also had the ceremony for the hammock. Yay for laziness!

Today Avery wanted me to deliver something to Blaire.

While Jeremiah wanted me to get signatures from another town for a petition.

But before I hop on the train I gave Blaire her Birdbath?

Beth let me get signatures in her town, Acorn.

This was actually my first my in Acorn so I took my time and looked around.

I also smuggled some oranges. It more fun doing it in secret.

Francine was my last signature.

Here are the villagers who put their name down.

Before I left Acorn I took a photo in this nice part of town.

Thanks Beth for letting me collect signatures (and for letting me smuggle some oranges :P)

When I returned to Jeremiah he gave me a dracaena. Wooooo...

Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys next time. :)

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